Public Relations

Get ahead of your competitors by investing in earned media!

Public relations is one of the most effective ways to get more out of earned media opportunities. This allows you to create a strong reputation. PR ensures that your organization receives the attention it deserves in the local, specific or even national media.

We do this by looking for the right angles, possibilities, and media to achieve awareness for your organization through recognized news channels. This can vary from an interview in the newspaper to joining a talk show. Or, for example, an expert panel, but also a live interview on a radio show.

We can achieve this for our customers thanks to our strong network consisting of various connections in the media. Varying from editors to publishers, influencers and bloggers. Together we create high-quality news.


The Building Blocks of Public Relations

  • Increase thought leadership

Organizations often have a lot of in-house knowledge. We support organizations in sharing this knowledge with relevant target audiences. We are looking for the perfect combination of content creation and PR. With an effective PR strategy, you increase the thought leadership of your organization within the industry. From knowledge holder to knowledge sharer.

  • Increase brand credibility

Trust in your organization plays a crucial role in creating success. Brand credibility is essential to strengthen this trust. By sharing the knowledge of your organization in the media, brand credibility increases. Thanks to our strategic way of public relations, the right doors open at the perfect time.

  • Target audience oriented>

You can use PR in a targeted manner. For example, you can choose to use PR towards a specific target audience or towards the general public. It is important to map out which target audience you want to reach. This way we know who they are, how we can reach them and what they need. An in-depth target audience analysis is always one of the steps in the way work.

Curious about how we work?

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