About us

Who is NXT Content?

NXT Content is an Amsterdam based communication agency that mainly focuses on delivering business content and PR for organizations and companies. Despite the fact that we have the service and the speed of a start-up, we have years of experience in content marketing, social media and communication.

Thanks to our network, we can meet customer demand and we want to deliver the best business content there is to offer. NXT Content strives to achieve the maximum results for our customers by working closely together.

Johan Konst

Johan is a passionate content creator and SEO expert. In the past he was responsible for the national publications in The Netherlands of de Ondernemer, with a reach of more than 4,000,000 readers through DPG Media. Clients with whom he has worked successfully are large American tech companies such as Facebook for Business, Google, Microsoft, Salesforce and Oracle, as well as dutch startups such as Adyen, Swapfiets and Picnic. Because of his passion for creating content, he started NXT Content together with Remi.

Remi Kuchler

Remi is a strategic marketer with a focus on growth. In the past he has given consultations for publications by European Media Partner for the dutch newspaper het Financieele Dagblad. Because of this he established himself as a content marketer. He advised, among others, Total, Province of Limburg, PON, Ahrend, Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate, Randstad, Nyenrode and University of Amsterdam. His passion lies in realizing growth for organizations. Mainly through the effective use of personalized content.

Basak Özkan

Basak is a strategic marketer and social media expert. In the past she studied marketing at Tilburg University. Because of her passion for consumer behavior, she knows exactly how to influence potential buyers. In addition to her technical marketing qualities, she also has a passion for social media. It’s not surprising that she has managed to build thousands of Instagram followers through her own channels. She also has international marketing experience when it comes to reaching customers close to your own borders.

Veerle Posthuma

Veerle is a content writer and monitors the quality of the content. She has studied psychology in the past and has worked for major brands such as Moët & Chandon and Veuve Cliquot. During the corona crisis, she was the chief coordinator between regional GGD’s. Veerle ensures that everything is arranged in terms of content. In addition, as a volunteer she is committed to development projects in Africa and she stands up for animal welfare in Spain.

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